Monday, April 21, 2014

Q21.1 Micro Duplacation

this is a chromosome disorder that can vary in symptoms


  • Relatively large head

  • Increased possibility of mild or moderate developmental delay

  • Increased possibility of autism or autistic-like behaviour

  • Slightly unusual facial features

  • Heart problem

  • Seizures

  • Increased risk for other inborn anomalies

this is done by a blood test called fish

you can only treat the symptoms

unique and are two places to look

Personal Story:
well my 8 yr old got tested at five and he was presenting with ADHD,sight problems with eye turning,hearing loss,lots of lung issues,sleep apnea,asthma,low muscle tone,seizures,malrotation,narrowed trachea,he may need cpap in the future hernia,hydro seal ,tonsils and adenoids have been taken out and my three year old is going through all of this to


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