Monday, May 7, 2012


Polymicrogyria, means small fold of the brain.  She has bilateral Perisylvian PMG which is that it effects the sides of her brain on both sides, not all over.

The symptoms vary from one child to another, not visible from what the MRI shows but through development.

Our daughter has a motor and speech delay.  At 15 months she is very quiet and also not crawling or walking yet.  She does eat well and cognitively at a 15 month level.  Seizures are a possible symptom that we have thankfully not seen but could develop.

She had a vertical rapid eye movement at 2 months due to her brain development and had a MRI & EEG done.
Through the MRI they found the PMG.

No treatment other than working on the developmental issues utilizing PT, OT, Speech, Feeding, and Special Education through Early Intervention.


Contributed by MOM Mandy Kresge

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